Mini Fishing Rod Pole Reel  - Kwikibuy Amazon Global
Mini Fishing Rod Pole Reel  - Kwikibuy Amazon Global
Mini Fishing Rod Pole Reel  - Kwikibuy Amazon Global
Kwikibuy Amazon Global

Mini Fishing Rod Pole Reel

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  • Condition: Brand new and high quality 
  • So there it is! Now you can fish anytime, anywhere with this super mini fishing rod! It is portable, compact, light weighted and easy to use. Fits Pocket, Glove Box, Briefcase, Backpack. It’s suitable for fishing on boat, a dam or on ice. Perfect gift for the avid fisherman on the go! 
  • Instructions: 
  • 1) Insert the real foot to the fixing foot of the rod 
  • 2) Screw down the nut besides the fishing foot of the reel 
  • 3) Pull out the rod and fix it 
  • Fishing Rod: 
  • Material: Fiber Glass, Aluminum Alloy 
  • Maximum length: 100 cm 
  • Minimum length: 21 cm 
  • Weight: 20 g 
  • Scroll & Gear ratio: 5.1:1 
  • Line capa (mm/m): 
  • 0.17/130 
  • 0.20/110 
  • 0.23/90 
  • Maximum bearing weight: 1000 g 
  • Maintenance: 
  • When stretching the fishing line, please begin from the front end and pull it slowly; 
  • Clean the fishing rod after using to prevent the metal fittings from rusting 
  • Avoid using petrol, thinner alcohol or other organic substance 
  • The maximum bearing weight is 1000 g 
  • Pen fishing rod size: Approx. 20.5*17 cm (L*D) 
  • Fishing Reel size: Approx. 10*8.5*6.5 cm (L*W*H) 
  • Color: Silver, black, blue 
  • Includes: 
  • 1 x Fishing Rod 
  • 1 x Fishing Reel with Line 


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